#069 About Miley Cyrus w/ 10 Drink Minimum

Brian & Gio recorded with 10 Drink Minimum and this is the second hour of that episode. Chris, Smiley, Holly & Billy were the best and we all laughed like idiots recording this episode. Check out the full 10 Drink Minimum episode here (YouTube) or here (Apple Podcasts)! Make sure you check out Hollyanne Byrd at @hollybyrdcomedy for standup shows! Also Billy Belmont @sawbasscrei because he’s hilarious and he sometimes puts show dates on Twitter too!

#052 About How Your Diet is Going

Here’s our pilot episode about how your diet is going. Spoiler alert: not great. Also, there is a huge Game of Thrones spoiler at the end of this episode, so if you have not read the books and/or watched the show, just skip the end. Don’t worry, we let you know the spoilers are coming. Oh, so is winter, btw.

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